I published an article about my advice for those beginning the college application process a few weeks ago and I wanted to do an update on how I am feeling as I get closer to decisions.

The only thing keeping me sane at the moment is watching the college reaction…

Photo of the author and her family at the fundraiser her parents put on with the PlumpJack Foundation raising money for research and education.

A strong female role model.

Today, so many people take things for granted. For example, being able to attend school or having heat in their house (especially during these tragic storms across the country affecting so many people). My mom is a very hard working woman, but people only see…

Food that the author has cooked/baked since beginning her journey. More recipes can be found on her Instagram, @eatingwtali.

Like so many others, I have experienced some bad digestive issues. Not sure if that is TMI but it is an important part of this story. On January 1st, 2021 I decided that I needed to make changes to my life.

I got a cookbook by Earthy Andy called Plant…

Callan on one of the hikes she took in Tahoe.

COVID-19 is something NOBODY expected. It took me and the world by surprise. When lockdown first started I had just won the LLS Greater Bay Area Student of The Year 2020 after raising nearly $60,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Picture of the author smiling.

Finding true happiness is a long, challenging journey. One that is hard to start and finish. I am still on my path to find genuine happiness and these 5 things have helped me come this far.

  1. Smile more

Smiling is known to have a (small) affect on feelings. Smiling, even…

I love entertaining and if I could choose right now, I would be an actress. I would love to be in films and on television. I love bringing to life a character, learning about them, their hopes, dreams, failures, success, and most importantly, learning about myself in the process. While…

This is the photo I was referring to in the beginning of the article.

Yes, I am aware that this statement is something a Debbie Downer would say, but sadly it’s true. As a senior in high school whose generation is evolving with the internet, I have seen, heard and experienced a lot when it comes to social media and technology — I mean…

Tali Callan

17. Californian. Philanthropist. Workaholic. Entrepreneur. Going to write about whatever comes to mind or a topic that interests me.

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